Stake Chaser® 6" Marking Whiskers, 100pc.

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Designed for marking survey stakes, construction grade stakes, and utility lines. These 6" Stake Chasers can be easily hammered into a wooden stake or quickly fit onto a 60d nail. Also known as blue tops, rooster tails, whiskers, and feathers.

  • Sold in box of 100 pieces
  • 4 bundles of 25 pieces
  • Available in multiple colors and quantities

As Smi-Carr's most famous and widely used product, their 6" Stake Chaser Whiskers are trusted for their durability and flexibility. Virtually indestructible, these APWA color-coded whiskers are designed to provide maximum visibility and to withstand multiple passes of a grader blade. Even though these Whiskers are perfect for road construction, they have also been used for marking buried utility lines, survey points, and even football and soccer fields.

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